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Commission Prices: Fall-Winter 2014-2015 by AtsusaKaneytza
TO ORDER A COMMISSION: Visit this form! All terms and conditions are within this link:…

Every once in a while I will hold EXCLUSIVE COMMISSIONS LIVESTRAMS where you can find special pricing. I usually try to inform everyone a week or two in advance of a streaming date. Commissions streams usually occur on FRIDAYS and last from 3PM to 10PM Central Time! I draw fast, and my prices are cheap, so these streams are very popular!

Stamp Gallery

Traditional Art Junkie Stamp by SylladexterArt Geek Stamp by xoxostudiosWatercolours stamp by AraulsStamps
I Love My Music ::Stamp:: by himiko-hedgehogTraditional art + Digital art by RoliStampsDigital artist stamp by WhiteKimahri
MyPaint Stamp by DementedsnakeFireAlpaca User Stamp by DemireGIMP Stamp by DaBerry
Paypal Accepted by NonabolcatArts WORTH Money by emmilPoints Commissions Stamp by HornedStorm

Favorite Male Character Harem Appreciation:
Human Shadow - Stamp by AstarikuGilbert Nightray Stamp by Death-SummonerAlucard is Love by nightalive
Leon Stamp by SiesnaYami Yugi stamp by nniikkiiiYuusei Head Turn-Stamp by DarlingTenshi
Nanase Haruka Stamp by FreyaDreyarYo Levi calm down by HappuDiePieBalthier Stamp by Chronic-Shadow
RWBY - Ren stamp by vomitcuntSun Wukong stamp by HystericDesignsRWBY - Roman Torchwick stamp by vomitcunt

Pick a Video Speedpaint Subject! 

23 deviants said Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
21 deviants said Attack on Titan
18 deviants said Kill la Kill
8 deviants said Dangan Ronpa
7 deviants said Free! Iwatobi Swim Club


AtsusaKaneytza's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
7-Year member of DeviantART (formerly KajiKaneytza)
Contact me @ gmail: LexWIllustrator
I'm 20, and I'm a Freelance Artist and 2D Animator. I draw Anime/Manga and Fantasy style art. My Career interests include Concept Art, Story Boarding, Comic Book Art, and 2D Animation!
I'm a huge fan of: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Attack on Titan, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Danganronppa: The Animation, RWBY, and more things to come!
I really enjoy video games and tabletop RPGs like D&D and Pathfinder. I like the art of League of Legends a lot, but I don't play. A huuuuge number of my friends do though.
My upcoming story concepts include: "Hitsuzen", "Elemental P.D.", "Elemental Infantry" and "Guardian Angel"

I'm always learning and wish to improve my art and see how I can take storytelling to the next level. Hope you enjoy my gallery! ^^

Personal Update...

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 20, 2014, 4:36 PM
Journal skin by Thiefoworld
Found here:…

[Forwarded from my post on tumblr
If you'd like to contact or refer me to someone for more extensive services concerning sequential art, character design, illustration, and/or other visual projects, my business e-mail is]

I have some news concerning myself and my financial situation here. This isn't meant to guilt anyone, or aggravate anyone's anxiety, but I feel it's important to be honest with you about my current circumstances.

Many of my followers/watchers who know me know that I've been doing commissions for a while now, and that I've previously been in financially stressful situations. Thankfully, because of all of your support, I have been able to double my income compared to last year, and its because of you all that I've been able to do so.

Even then, I still only make an average of $150 a month, which is how much I pay to my parents in rent, and how much it costs for gas to get to and from Springfield with Hunter. I also still have my own bills to worry about, which I usually fall behind on.

My parents have informed me that both of them will be unemployed very soon- Meaning that in a few months, the only person with "steady" income will probably be me.

I feel like if I raise my current prices, that I will lose my current customer base (and my current prices are really reasonable) which is why the prices haven't changed. I will consider delaying an increase in my prices until February or March of next year, but if things get really stressful, I will have no choice.

Winter is around the corner, and I know everyone will be Black Friday and Christmas shopping and all that, and I know that not everyone will be available to spend money buying commissions from me, and I completely understand and respect that.

But what I am asking of you is that if you can't buy anything at all from me, that you please share all of my sales and commission information as much and as often as you can.

I have RedBubble and Patreon accounts, which are some of the cheapest ways you can support me (you can pay as little as $2.50 for content there!) and of course, I frequently post my art to Tumblr, and DeviantART, my animations go to Youtube, and I stream on Picarto.

I will also be scheduling more commission art streams for people who want to pay on the spot for my artwork.

I've decided to cancel any and all plans to save up for conventions in 2015, and cosplay(s) I'd like to do will have to wait until another day in the future. Not to mention that Hunter and I are still looking into the whole apartment thing, and I plan on going down to Springfield, MO again on January 23rd.

If a friend of yours (with disposable income, I would hope) makes an offhand comment like "what if x character fought y character" then it would be great if you mentioned me (Oh, Lex would totally draw something like that!) Because I would! As long as its not explicit content, and as long as you have visual reference, I will be more than glad to draw anything concerning any fandom!

Anyway, sorry to bother you all with this post, but if you see me frantically advertising my services, it's because of what I've mentioned above. Thank you for reading, and thank you for continuing to support me!

~Lex W/nerdgasmz

Featured Art!

Harley Quinn - Rotten Tomatoes by AtsusaKaneytza

Harley Print (transparent) by AtsusaKaneytza

[Buy merch of these artworks at my RedBubble store!]

Recently completed commissions:

Sage speedpaint for kendo by AtsusaKaneytzaRhea Akantha speedpaint for Magical-Ruby-Rose by AtsusaKaneytzaWater Fairy Commission for Hunter's Mom by AtsusaKaneytzaSun and Blake Commission by AtsusaKaneytza

Ruby commission for ladyaxis by AtsusaKaneytzaYang Chained Rose AU for Xekstrin by AtsusaKaneytzaSpeedpaint Commission - Torchwick by AtsusaKaneytzaWeiss dressed as Penny speed commission by AtsusaKaneytza

Shades of Red Commission for ladyaxis by AtsusaKaneytzaFreezerburn Clothes Swap Commission by AtsusaKaneytzaNeptune and Jaune Commission for RWBY Obsessed by AtsusaKaneytzaNora speedpaint commission for RWBYObsessed by AtsusaKaneytza

(Made in :iconfire-alpaca: and/or :iconmypaint:)

Featured Youtube Speedpaint:

Current Regular Commission Clients:
Freezerburn Clothes Swap, Full Color (100% done, delivered!)
Freezerburn Pajamas, Full Color (15% done)
Weiss in Penny's Clothes, Full Color (100% done, delivered!)
Jaune asking Neptune how to get the ladies; Sketch (100% done, delivered!)
Nora wearing her "Boop" shirt; Speedpaint (100% done, delivered!)
RWBY OC Lucian; Speedpaint (15% done)
Scarlet wielding Crescent Rose Speedpaint (0% done)
Ruby dressed as Iris from Ruby Gloom (0% done)
Team MDIT Team Commission; Simple Color (0% done)
4 RWBY OCs; Simple Color (0% done)
Team PLTM; Simple Color (0% done)
Scary Elf Wizard; Icon Commission (100% done, delivered!)
Sun/Blake on a date; Simple Color (100% done, delivered!)
Roman Torchwick Speedpaint (100% done, delivered!)






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